Saturday, September 22, 2007

east bengal

kingfisher east bengal won the 29th federation cup beating mahindra united 2-1 with both goals being scored by edmilson.

this weekends bpl matches feature a big one between mu and chelsea.
the exit of mourinho might have some unsettling effect at chelsea.if mu win 3-0 ,it ll be crisis at chelsea.
the other interesting matches are
fulham vs mc,mc might want to play safe,0-0 .

blackburn vs portsmouth,should be a good match,1-2.

bolton vs tottenham,1-2.

aston villa vs everton,also might be 1-2.though i think villa are strong and they are my favourite team.

reading vs wigan,another 1-2.

what does lawro say?

blackburn and reading win ,draws at craven cottage,villa park with 0-0 at old trafford.


sands said...

Dude i appreciate and share ur passion abt football i was in school/college football team !!! I believe that india needs to give more importance to sports other than cricket..which getting too much of attention but what i dont share with ur is ur pseduo -secularism attitude ..i know u have right to ur opinion but i dont share that opinion

samurai said...

hey sands, its great to see someone .
i didnt notice it until now.
its great to see that football is getting mainstream.
i never played beyond my house team in school.
we can try to bridge the divide in our outlooks towards secularism.