Friday, December 19, 2008

there are many interesting matchups,fulham v boro,magpies v spurs,hammers v villa,everton v chelsea,all will be engrossing matches,arsenal v liverpool might not be as good as the others this weekend,says lawro.

blackburn vs stoke-2-1.

bolton vs portsmouth-2-0

fulham vs boro-2-2.

hull vs sunderland-1-1

west ham vs aston villa-2-2

west brom vs man city-1-1

newcastle vs tottenham-3-1.

arsenal vs liverpool-3-1.

everton vs chelsea-0-1.

we have the federation cup final between bagan and dempo.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

sam allardyce

bolton had a solid reputation when they travelled when sam was managing them.
i have nt seen any reference to the salaries of the managers,they ve got to be huge,considering the pressure they re under,its got to be the toughest job,delivering results from day one.
he seems a good choice but did nt seem to have done too well at newcastle.
he had a lot of players from arab africa in his teams at bolton.
his methods might revolve around packing the defence with big guys.
blackburn also had a reputation for rough play during mark hughes time.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

5 million pounds

portsmouth paid 5 million pounds for lassana diarra from arsenal,

real madrid have offered 24 million pounds for the midfielder now.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


lyon say they will give up benzema for 100 million euros.
i think zidane went for 60 million dollars when he went to real madrid.
french players are rivalling the brazilians in the superstar quotient.
benzema says he wants to go to real.

another one bites the dust

paul ince is out

thinking of who might be coming in and the names from the past,

david o leary,hoddle,john gregory-he used to be in a track suit,in todays high profile league,it might be hard to find guys like him.

roy keane would be another similar ex man u player to be gambled at this moment.

blackburn might not have the capacity to afford a foreign coach,

louis van gaal s probably not yet recovered from the flop show with holland,but blackburn will not be in his league.

being a club that s won the premiership,they might get some big name.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


i got most of the epl results totally wrong.
this weekends got big matches in spain and italy.
barca beat real 2-0,
tonights juve vs milan.
ranieris in juventus while chelsea are playing west ham managed now by zola.
gullit,vialli,ranieri,mourinho,scolari,chelseas had some great managers.
liverpools were more low profile people,houllier onwards.
arsenal and man u will have tough transitions when they decide to move to replace managers.
wenger and ferguson look like they ll go on to the next decade.
the italian clubs still seem to be going on italians mostly.
ancelotti,lippi...these guys have achieved greatness in europe.
only ferguson s close to these titans.

Friday, December 12, 2008


middlesboro v arsenal-1-2

aston villa v bolton-2-1

liverpool v hull-2-0

mancity v everton-1-1

stoke v fulham-1-2

sunderland v west brom-0-1

wigan v blackburn-1-1

tottenham v man u-1-2

portsmouth v newcastle-1-3

chelsea v west ham-2-1.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

roy keane

this season has the highest number of resignations and manager downfalls.

a couple of good wins were achieved by keane one in which chopra scored a brace.

fulham v mancity-2-2.

arsenal v wigan-3-1.

blackburn v liverpool-0-1.

bolton v chelsea-1-2.

hull v middlesboro-3-3.

newcastle v stoke-3-1.

manu v sutherland-0-0.

west brom v portsmouth-2-1.


west ham v tottenham-0-0.

Friday, November 21, 2008

mancity vs arsenal

aston villa vs manu-3-2
chelsea vs newcastle-2-1
liverpool vs fulham-1-0
mancity vs arsenal-3-3
middlesboro vs bolton-1-2
portsmouth vs hull-1-1
stoke vs westbrom-1-2
sunderland vs westham-2-2
tottenham vs blackburn-0-0.
wigan vs everton-1-0.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

epl weekend

after getting to watch some matches after a long time,i think my predictions will be more on the mark.

bolton vs liverpool-1-2.

arsenal vs aston villa-2-1.

blackburn vs sunderland-1-2.

fulham vs tottenham-2-1.

manu vs stoke-1-1.

newcastle vs wigan-2-2.

westham vs portsmouth-2-1.

everton vs midlesboro-1-3.

hull vs mancity-2-3.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

champions league theatre

after almost two or three years,i managed to catch some champions league action,
the penalty given to liverpool looked suspect,the goal by maxi rodriguez for atletico was a good piece of skill as was mcdonalds strike for celtic.
the south american flavour of forlan and tevez was matched by ronaldo s skills.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

chelsea vs aston villa

middlesboro have lost to sunderland and westbrom.

this away fixture should be a 2-0 loss to wigan.

or it can be a 3-2 for either side,the second scenario will be bad for my team as ive got mario melchiot in my nfl team,amr zaki the egyptian who is ingreat form is also in my side.

blackburn vs manu should be an allout action match,if it settles down fast,again 3-2 for either team,or maybe 3-3,though it mightafter all be 0-2,berabatovs the captain of my nfl team.

westham vs bolton could also be interesting,again i dont recall who the coach of bolton is,im still stuck with sam allardyce,zolas one of my favourites from the chelsea days.


this should be 2-1

chelsea vs aston villa,this is the pick,a classic game.

it should not be 0-0 or 1-0.

its got to be 1-1.

will tottenham beat hull at home,hull might turn out to be hell for ramos if they carry on with their winning form.

Saturday, August 30, 2008


i got the mancity westham result right at the expense of getting a bad result for my nfl team.

this weeks predictions

-arsenal v newcastle

a shock upset for the magpies,again at the expense of my team which features eboue.

lawro says 2-1.

bolton vs wbu 1-1....2-0

-everton vs portsmouth,

this looks all equal,a draw........1-0

-hull vs wigan,ive got no idea,1-2 maybe........1-1

-middlesboro vs stoke,ive got rory delap in my nfl team,1-2........2-0

-west ham vs blackburn,this is the pick of the lot,3-2,........2-2

-aston villa vs liverpool,......sounds like a drab draw,.....1-1......2-1.

-chelsea vs tottenham,2-2.....................2-0.

Friday, August 22, 2008

new epl season

its been a long gap and i missed the opening week,
an all new nfl has started on espnstar,
there have been some great managerial changes,
some hunches for the weekend,
is psycho still at mc,got to catchup on all news,
newcastle v bolton 2-1
mancity v westham 1-0
por v manu 1-1,

lawros predictions are 2-0,1-2,1-1.
lawro says stoke city will have a go at aston villa and gain a 1-1 draw,
that sounds like a good match.

ive selected a lot of players from whu in my nfl team but could not predict a win for them,
mark hughes seems to have landed at mc and has a lot of problems.

my manager selection for nfl was alan curbishley,now i see this,

Monday, June 2, 2008

euro 2008

it is good that england is not featuring this time as i somehow end up supporting them,though spain has always been the underdog that i wanted to win,from the days of luis enrique and hierro,raul and morientes.
this time,they seem to be among the favourites.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

busby babes

today is the 50th anniversary.
the photos are stirring.
sir bobby charlton survived the crash and won the 1966 world cup.
the painting of duncan edwards in the church is a celebration of sport.

Friday, January 4, 2008

lawrence dallaglio

he was a towering presence alongwith martin johnson in the world cups of 99 and 03.
i did not get to see the latest world cup.
there seems to be some difference of opinion about his exploits on the field,something i could equate to a difference between guys from chennai and the districts.

the coach of the cupwinning side in 03 was a uniquely focussed and confident person,i cant recall his name.he looked more like a manager of a chess team.
it is amazing that such confident types are hard to come by for the english football team.