Saturday, October 4, 2008

chelsea vs aston villa

middlesboro have lost to sunderland and westbrom.

this away fixture should be a 2-0 loss to wigan.

or it can be a 3-2 for either side,the second scenario will be bad for my team as ive got mario melchiot in my nfl team,amr zaki the egyptian who is ingreat form is also in my side.

blackburn vs manu should be an allout action match,if it settles down fast,again 3-2 for either team,or maybe 3-3,though it mightafter all be 0-2,berabatovs the captain of my nfl team.

westham vs bolton could also be interesting,again i dont recall who the coach of bolton is,im still stuck with sam allardyce,zolas one of my favourites from the chelsea days.


this should be 2-1

chelsea vs aston villa,this is the pick,a classic game.

it should not be 0-0 or 1-0.

its got to be 1-1.

will tottenham beat hull at home,hull might turn out to be hell for ramos if they carry on with their winning form.

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