Tuesday, December 8, 2009

gianfranco zola

it has been a tough time for the west ham manager,with all defeats coming with a high number of goals conceded.


west ham have the pedigree like aston villa and tottenham to be in the top ten.
while all the london clubs are doing well this season,west ham are having it bad.
zola seems to be the nice guy who s having trouble in getting tough and professional.
while playing for chelsea too,there was a bit of a underdog image.
i hope he begins to get it right and can get things going.
there are goals being scored but conceded also.it looks like there is a great chance for the team developing a very attractive game at the expense of conceding goals also.
as long as they keep in front,it will be good.
the more goals a team scores,the more that it will be better rather than scoring at all.
zola seems to be going somewhere and the defence will be focussed later.
the absence of dean ashton has also deprived them of a good striker.
carlton cole was eye catching the very few times that ive seen him earlier,a very long time back.
he is also gone from stumble to stumble.

west ham was my favourite club from the times of harry redknapp when there was a uniqueness about the club and manager,for a viewer watching in india,the personality of redknapp was one of the team man,the classic and timeless manager.

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